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Brand: Healthy Pleasures

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Brand: Healthy Pleasures
Category: Fat Burner

Burn It

Category: Fat Burner
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Everybody wants to lose weight at some point, right? But how
many products that offers weight loss are actually safe and without
the hassle to have to gobble down pills after pills every day?This
changes now with BURN IT: a clinically safe, ultra-potent fat
burner that provides results without any pill intake! Amazing
right? Well that is just the tip of the good news! BURN IT is a
safe weight loss formula that, thanks to high-quality ingredients,
will help with weight management in more ways than one. Each
half scoop is PACKED with 7 fat burning ingredients such
as L-Carnitine, caffeine, CLA, garcinia cambogia, green tea and
This amazing blend of high quality nutrients will help you manage
your weight by burning fat during your daily activities, controlling
your cravings, increasing your metabolism and favorizing the
intake and synthezing of healthy fatty acids rather than ‘’bad fats’’.
BURN IT is part of the MASTER MIX collection, meaning it is
a high pharmaceutical grade unflavored product that is perfect
to mix with FLAVOR IT, making it easy to have 1 supplement
with many different flavors for a lower price, ensuring you get the
flavored drink you want, the way you want!


Burn It Burn It