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Brand: Get Performance

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Brand: Get Performance
Category: Antiestrogen

Estro Care - Get Performance

Category: Antiestrogen
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In our days, we are increasingly exposed to many sources of estrogen such as hormones/pesticides use in the food industry, PBS in plastic bottles, various chemical agents that are part of our environment like skin care products and many more.

Everyone knows that unbalanced estrogen can produce a cascade-like effect and impose a negative impact on several bodily functions. ESTRO CARE is a hormonal stabilizator for women leading in a reduction of the estrogen symptoms. An imbalance of estrogen can also lead to an increase in fat particularly in the lower body, an increase of cellulite in the lower body and an overall increase in water retention.

Formulated with high hand key ingredients, ESTRO CARE will not only support healthy hormonal balance but also enhances general energy level, improving mood and libido. It is suggested to have an active lifestyle while consuming ESTRO CARE, but if not, the product will still work well because of the hormonal function regulation.

ESTRO CARE is a product especially designed for her, but strong enough for him.


Estro Care from Get Performance makes your weight loss easier. Highly concentrated in Calcium D-Glucarate, Dim, curcumin and green tea, each serving of Estro Care gives you the key ingredients to maximize your hormonal stabilization, allowing your body to decreases fat and cellulite in the lower body.


Whatever your training goal is, when it comes to your health there is no compromise to be made. Estro Care is the key product for you!


Key benefits:

- Reduce fat in the lower body (buttocks, thighs, hips)

- Stimulates weight loss

- Reduces cellulite

- Increases energy

- Enhances libido

- Improve mood


** Estro Care Stack well with both Corti Care and ThermoGen-X **

Estro Care - Get Performance Estro Care - Get Performance