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Brand: Revolution Nutrition

High Whey

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New Formula!
High Whey™ is a protein formula that will satisfy all your protein needs! Protein plays a key role in any balanced diet
by contributing to the maintenance of the immune system functions and lean muscle mass. High Whey™ is made in
a GMP certied facility from carefully selected quality ingredients to ensure the highest quality control.

22 g of protein per scoop
Each scoop of High Whey™ contains 22 grams of highly bio-available protein in order to provide a convenient
source of protein between meals or after an intense training session.

How to take High Whey
Protein needs depend greatly on your body type, gender, weight and the level of activity you maintain. Mix 1 scoop
of High Whey™ with 200 ml of water or your favorite beverage. Simply blend with a shaker bottle for better results.

High Whey  High Whey