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Brand: Get Performance

100% Premium Beef

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It has long been known that bodybuilders and strength athletes consume high amounts of beef to help build muscle and increase strength. The muscle building power of beef cannot be disputed. Ask any bodybuilder and they will tell you that they make their biggest muscle gains and feel their strongest when they eat beef. Unfortunately, high consumption of beef is causing stomach distress and also elevate fat intake and cholesterol.

PREMIUM BEEF is made with pure hydrolyzed beef protein that is derived from an advanced hydrolysis process. This process is intricately designed to yield a delicious, easy-to-digest and highly bioavailable concentrated pure hydrolyzed beef protein, while removing all the fat and cholesterol. Premium Beef is 100% lactose free making of it another benefits compared to whey protein.

Beef Protein Isolate is More Concentrated than Steak and More Concentrated than Whey!

Premium Beef deliver a complete amino acid profile, including BCAA's and glutamine to support protein synthesis, improve workout performance and decrease recovery time.

To further promote the muscle building action of CARNIVOR, additional Branch Chain Amino Acids are added to the purified Beef Protein Isolate. The enhanced BCAA levels promote a positive nitrogen balance, support protein synthesis, improve workout performance and address muscle fatigue.

Furthermore, Premium Beef is enhanced with coconut MCT, an all-natural fat that can be classified as a “superfood.” Its unique combination of fatty acids can have profound positive effects on health, such as weight loss, better brain function, strengthen immune system, improve blood cholesterol level and various other positive effect. 

Look closely at the competitor’s label! They add creatine in their product claiming that it helps recover, build muscle and increase athletic performance. The truth is that they spike their protein count with creatine so they can put less real protein in the bottle!

Whether you’re an athlete or work out occasionally, you can use Premium Beef as a recovery shake, a meal replacement or for everyday use to increase daily protein intake. 

Once you try Premium Beef, you'll never train without it!

Key Benefits:

-          Designed for building lean muscle mass

-          Helps activate metabolism in a healthy and safe way

-          Easy to digest

-          Lactose Free, Gluten free

-          23g of high biological value protein

-          Easy to mix and tastes amazing

-          Added BCAA for Increased Anabolic and Anti-Catabolic Effects:

100% Premium Beef 100% Premium Beef