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Brand: Beyond Yourself

Kate Fitness Shape

Isolat Beyond 2 lbs
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Looking for a cleaner, better tasting whey isolate? Look no further, each scoop of our BEYOND ISOLATE contains 26 grams of highly bio-available whey protein isolate. The benefits of using whey isolate are not limited to just building muscle. In fact, BEYOND ISOLATE can also be used as a meal replacement or in between meals to activate metabolism and increase daily protein intake. The addition of the enzymes Protease and Lactase (INZYME DIGESTION COMPLEX) further facilitate protein digestion and increase the absorption rate of an already high quality protein. For an added bonus, we have sweetened it using Stevia leaf, an all natural and side effect-free
sweetener, so you get amazing flavour without the calories.

• Great for building lean muscle mass
• Activates metabolism
• Ultra premium whey protein isolate with incredible bio-availability
• Mixes instantly and tastes amazing



Fires up metabolism
Helps suppress appetite
Increases focus & energy

This product promotes healthy body composition by transporting fats into mitochondria for energy production, energize your brain & your body while helping you control your food cravings. You can take Energy Burner any time during the day on both training and non-training days to help turn your body into a fat furnace!

Kate Fitness Shape Kate Fitness Shape Kate Fitness Shape Kate Fitness Shape Kate Fitness Shape