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Brand: NovaPharma


Iso-Cream 1lb
Brownies Eat me
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Iso-Cream Novapharma

Our bodies need protein to function properly and avoid serious health problems. For an average adult, the required protein intake per day is 0.8 grams per kilogram of body weight. Do the math, and that's a lot of protein.
Fortunately, Nova Pharma's ISO is now here to help us get the protein we need. ISO is a whey protein isolate that provides optimal nutrients and health benefits. Whether your goal is to lose weight, increase muscle mass, or simply increase your protein intake, ISO will help you.

Repairs cells and tissues
Reduces muscle damage
Helps increase muscle mass and growth
Improve flexibility and endurance
Increase energy production
Strengthen the immune system

EASY TO ABSorb and DIGEST: ISO is easily absorbed by the body and mixes well with the beverage of your choice. It can also replace flour in your recipes.
LACTOSE-FREE AND GLUTEN-FREE: It is made with all-natural ingredients and high quality isolated proteins that are lactose-free and gluten-free.
AVAILABLE IN 5 DELICIOUS PERFUMS: Strawberry & Cream, Peach & Cream, Vanilla & Cream, Iced Cappuccino, and Cookies & Cream.
RICH, CREAMY AND SMOOTH: ISO is a cream edition with an incredibly smooth and unique texture never before seen in the industry. You won't regret trying it!

Hydramino - Novapharma

Training supplement. Sports support. Source of essential amino acids to maintain health. Helps build lean muscle mass when used in combination with regular weight/resistance training and a balanced diet. Helps improve physical performance when combined with a training program

Nova Pharma Multi Femme is designed for active women.
Whether you are exercising, working long hours, raising a family or any combination of the above, Nova Pharma's family or any combination of the above, your body needs the support of a multi-vitamin multi-vitamin formula for an active life.

Perfect Snack - Eat Me Brownies

A "protein brownie" can't really taste good... right? Wrong! Our original Chocolate Brownie has captured the hearts and taste buds of many without ever having to compromise between scrumptious and lean.* High in protein, appeases hunger (over 20 grams of protein).* Healthy alternative to people's favorite dessert.* Low Carb, perfect for late afternoons and late night sweet cravings.* Less than 200 calories per serving. Only 1 serving per brownie.