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Brand: 5Star 4Mula

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Brand: 5Star 4Mula

5STAR 4 MULA - Performance

5Star Isolate 5 lbs
Muscle-UP 300 g
Fired-UP 265 g
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5STAR ISOLATE is a pure high-quality New Zealand 100% isolate protein. Among the highest ranked products on the market, 5STAR ISOLATE is easy to mix, has a high absorption rate, and is simply delicious! Each scoop of 5STAR ISOLATE high-quality protein gives you 24 grams of proteins, which will help you reduce muscle breakdown while supporting muscle recovery. 5STAR ISOLATE is sweetened with stevia leaf mix for a low calorie intake and a delicious taste that you will never get enough of! Whether you want to get back on your feet after an intense workout, or simply increase your protein intake, 5STAR ISOLATE will make you “Rise-Up” and reach your goals.


WANT TO RAISE YOUR GAME TO ANOTHER LEVEL? 5STAR 4MULA MUSCLE-UP 4:1:1 BCAA will help you recover from any workout faster than any product on the market and “Rise-Up” your level of competition. Are you tired of post-workout soreness? MUSCLE-UP 4:1:1 BCAA contains three of the 9 essential amino acids: Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine in a 4:1:1 ratio. Not only is this ratio good for your body, it is the best possible ratio on the market to reduce recovery time while building lean muscle mass. Want the best “4Mula” that will help you focus throughout your workout? We took care of that for you by adding a small dose of caffeine that will give you that extra push to finish that last rep. Wait, it’s not over!!! 

5STAR 4MULA MUSCLE-UP 4:1:1 BCAA also contains L-Carnitine and Raspberry Ketones which will help promote fat cells into energy in order to help you burn fat. On top of that, it is sweetened with natural sugar (stevia),MUSCLE-UP 4:1:1 BCAA is a pure pleasure in your mouth, simply the best tasting BCAA 4:1:1. 5STAR 4MULA MUSCLE-UP 4:1:1 BCAA can either be used during your intense workouts, as a dietary supplement, or as a promoting agent to reduce body fat. With MUSCLE-UP4:1:1 BCAA, the sky is the limit!


NEED A BOOST WITHOUT A CRASH? 5STAR 4MULA FIRED-UP pre-workout is a “4MULA” that will help you constantly push throughout a high intensity workout.FIRED-UP pre-workout will get you to finish your workout without feeling any tinkles or even crashing. 5STAR 4MULA FIRED-UP pre-workout can be consumed in a low or high intensity workout. The perfect balance between caffeine and taurine will always help you keep a constant heart rate.

FIRED-UP is the best pre-workout “4MULA” on the market that contains, in perfect dosages: caffeine, beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate. Fired-up will also help you push 1-2 “reps” more than usual. Need help for that last rep? 5STAR 4MULA FIRED-UP pre-workout will get you that extra kick to “Rise-Up” your daily game.

5STAR 4 MULA - Performance 5STAR 4 MULA - Performance 5STAR 4 MULA - Performance 5STAR 4 MULA - Performance 5STAR 4 MULA - Performance 5STAR 4 MULA - Performance 5STAR 4 MULA - Performance