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Brand: Yummy Sports

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Brand: Yummy Sports
Category: Amino Acids

Candies BCAA

Category: Amino Acids
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Forget what you thought you knew about BCAA, and prepare yourself for the new kid on the block. Yummy Sports is the #1 tasting BCAA supplement on the market!

Candies BCAA (Branch Chained Amino Acids) is the KING of utlizing “Instantized Aminos” for faster nutrient assimilation, superior bio-availability, and maximizing protein synthesis, eliminating the possibility of catabolism (muscle wasting).

Candies BCAA was designed to accelerate recovery and muscle growth in elite athletes by combining the highest quality of ingredients with the most scientifically advanced anabolic agonists to catapult your athletic performance to the next level.

Candies BCAA now includes electrolytes to ensure optimum electrolyte balance and replenishment after a hard bout of exercise.

Candies BCAA Candies BCAA