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Brand: NovaPharma

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Brand: NovaPharma

Trio - Novapharma Weight Loss

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* Hydroxia

Nowadays, obesity is a growing phenomenon and is seen as quite alarming. Nova Pharma presents its fat burner which is at the cutting edge of the most recent discoveries in science. It delivers an ingenious formula created with ingredients working in perfect synergy. Our mix provides a daily energy intake while at the same time offering several positive thermogenic effects. It favours fat oxidation, will control appetite and sugar cravings and will help drain fluids due to water retention. It can also target tough fats that are difficult to eliminate thanks to ingredients such as raspberry ketones and green coffee beans. Lipodria regulates certain hormones, specifically insulin and glucagon as well as other cells. Finally, our fat burner will allow you to reach new objectives, to go beyond your limits and to help optimize your physical performance.

* Estradia

Powerful antioxidantIn the year 2014, exposure to oestrogen is frequent. Our body is constantly exposed to bad oestrogens through sources like PBAs in plastic containers or bottles, in pesticides or herbicides, in hormones used in meat transformation or in many chemical agents found in our environment. This allows a build-up of oestrogen in the body that may lead to health issues. It can also lead to an increase in fat in the lower body, the presence of cellulite and an increase in water retention. Estradia was developed to help the body eliminate surplus bad oestrogen and help maintain a healthy level of oestrogen. The mixture has been designed to reduce the transformation of oestrogen (E2) to bad oestrogens (E4 and E16 with sulforaphane and DIM) and to increase elimination of these bad oestrogens (calcium d-Glucarate and green tea leaf extract).

* Cortixia

In our day and time, we have become more stressed than our forefathers 50 years ago, in either the psychological or the physiological realm. When stress occurs, our bodies react by secreting cortisol. In the long term, if levels of this hormone remain high, it will provoke adrenal fatigue (chronic fatigue) and will also destabilize other body systems such as the thyroid and the endocrine system. Cortixia was developed specifically to decrease levels of cortisol in the body and promote healthy sleep. High levels of cortisol can cause build-up of fat predominately in the abdomen region. Cortixiahelps to prevent this type of build-up as well as its other benefits in mood control, body recovery and a general increase in well-being.


Healthy sleep
Decrease in adrenal fatigue
Decrease in fat in the abdomen region

Trio - Novapharma Weight Loss Trio - Novapharma Weight Loss Trio - Novapharma Weight Loss Trio - Novapharma Weight Loss